Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend

MANY WOMEN SEEM to find it difficult to buy just the "perfect" gift for their boyfriend (or husband, fiance, or significant other). "What is the best, most romantic, unique Christmas gifts for my boyfriend?" This question looms increasingly large in countless female minds, beginning in earnest around November and becoming urgent as December rolls around. OK, now I'm a guy. So let me see if I can offer some help here. Consider the following:

* More than anything else, what we want for Christmas is YOU! Major one-on-one time with you.
* You don't have to break the bank to express how you feel about us. We kinda already know that part. And we also know that while you ARE solid gold, you may not have a lot of the real, 40-carat metal.
* So...if you're a Wall Street CEO, then sure, get us a Lamborghini...and we'll not even try to pretend we aren't delighted. But the idea is that you should only spring for what you're well able to manage.
* Romantic, to you, often means something entirely different than what it means to us. Our "romance" fire lights up just as much with cordless drills and techie stuff, as it does with scented candles or heart-shaped chocolate boxes.
* Don't frazzle your brain trying to make a "perfect" choice. Really, trust us. If you chose it, how can we not like it? And we mean that!
* Keep your ears on. Meaning that you should do your best to find out what other guys of around the same age as your man are wishing for.

Thanks in advance for the care and effort...and especially, the love, that you're putting into finding a christmas gifts that says what we already know!

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