Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unusual Christmas Gifts - Valuable

By Rajkumar Jonnala

Christmas is approaching fast, and it is one occasion in the year when everyone gives gifts to his dear ones. Giving of gifts adds to the festivities in the air and makes people more happy and joyous. Markets are already full of the latest and novel gift items and people are busy buying Christmas gifts according to the liking of the recipient.

If you are the proud parent of a grown up boy who has just become adult, why not surprise him with some new and exciting Christmas gifts. As a male yourself, you are probably aware of the likes and dislikes of a young man. To make the day memorable for your son, you can think of some novel Christmas gifts making waves these days.

V8 supercars

Is your son interested in sports? Does he enjoy late night sports car racing? If the answer is yes, then you can buy a gift voucher for your son to have the thrill and excitement of driving V8 supercars. These are racing beauties he loves to watch on TV, and imagine the excitement on his face when he gets a chance to try his hands behind the wheels of his dream machine.

These sleek cars run at a high speed and your son has always had a dream of someday driving such a car. Your son can now have a chance to drive in these fast cars on the same racing tracks he has seen on TV. If you are looking for unique Christmas gifts, these V8 cars are just the present you should give to your son.

Swim with dolphins

If you have a son who loves animals and nature, you can go for this unique and charming gift for him. Dolphins are considered to be the most intelligent mammal after humans, and they are surprisingly very friendly with humans. These dolphins love the company of humans and actually are playful with them. Swim with dolphins has slowly become a very popular sporting and recreational activities. Believe me, if your son is a nature lover, and you have caught him watching the national geographic channel quite often, he will love this present from you on the occasion of Christmas.


Have you ever heard of gliding? It is a beautiful recreational activity that provides a lot of thrill and excitement to the person in the form of a free flight. It makes use of airplane like structures known as Para gliders which are engineless and come with a harness fitted.

One can launch and then fly using his own hands. It however requires one to start at a place which may be at a height so that after attaining a suitable speed, the person starts to glide in air like a bird. If your son loves to have some thrill and adventure, you can surprise him with this wonderful activity as a christmas present ideas.

However, more than the gifts you choose are your feelings that count and the sparkle in the eyes of your son when he receives any of these christmas gifts will make your day.

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