Monday, November 29, 2010

Twilight Dolls by Tonner | A Review of These Deluxe Christmas Gifts

By Andrew Hawnt

The Twilight dolls made by Tonner are something rather different for the discerning Twilight fan this Christmas. While stores everywhere are awash with Twilight and New Moon merchandise of many kinds, these large scale deluxe dolls are something out of the ordinary. Made to exacting standards by masters of the craft of dollmaking, they are amongst the most collectable examples of Twilight merchandise thus far released, as well as being amongst the most likely to raise in value in tears to come.

These extremely attractive dolls are hand painted and hand finished, giving them a wonderfully personal and artistic touch that many licensed movie collectibles lack. You'd have to go to Sideshow Collectibles Christmas gift baskets for similar levels of detail and workmanship.

There are five Twilight dolls from Tonner based on the first film, and each of them is an impressive collectible in itself. The characters available are the main two, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, along with dolls of Laurent, Victoria and James. There is also a New Moon range on the way, which are sure to cause a great deal of interest when they arrive.

The dolls do look great, but it is in the facial sculpts that some fans may have issues with. While the sculpts are beautifully done, they may not be quite close enough to the stars themselves for some fans. The Edward Cullen Tonner doll, sure to be the most popular of the bunch, does carry the best of the facial sculpts. Edward stands at 17 inches tall, while the other Twilight dolls in the range stand around 15 inches each.

Each of these Twilight dolls comes dressed in a movie accurate costume, and as twilight merchandise goes, they really are at the top end of the spectrum. Each features multiple points of articulation and saran hair set into their scalps. They look wonderful, but they are not intended to be played with as toys. They are more for the collector's market and the serious Twilight and New Moon fans. Why not check out the range of Tonner Twilight dolls for this Christmas gift?

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