Sunday, November 21, 2010

Restoring Photographs For Christmas Gifts

By Joseph Devine

It seems like it's always difficult to think of Christmas gift for grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, and even older godparents. They always seem to have everything because if they want something, they buy it for themselves. While you may want to give them something new and fresh like the hottest tech toy, you can also make quite an impression if you give them a restored photograph.

Although new photographs of your children or family can also make wonderful Christmas gift baskets, using an old photo is also a fantastic idea. For younger people, digital cameras are extremely popular, so most people have hundreds of pictures stored on their computer, ready for immediate viewing or printing. However, there may only be one copy left of an older photo cherished by an elderly family member. Restoring this picture and giving it as a gift is a great way to protect its worth as a family heirloom.

As pictures age, it is typical for them to crack, fade or change color, become torn, and otherwise suffer from damages. This can compromise the integrity of the photo and possibly wipe away those precious memories forever. Thus, it is important to get digital renderings of these photos and have them restored so that later family members are still able to appreciate the picture decades later.

While you can try to restore images yourself, it is better to have a professional work on them. This is because professionals have specialized software that allows them to restore the picture as much as possible, while still keeping it true to form. Additionally, you can have a black and white vintage photograph colorized with special tinting technology. This adds color and warmth to your photo, and it can help bring the picture to life. You can have the professionals add specific colors, like a certain shade of blonde hair or a particular hue of blue for the eyes.

Restoring photos shows that you care about a loved one's past, and that you respect the heritage that you might also share. Once you have a photograph restored, you could have it framed in a regular frame or even in a digital frame. However, a better idea is to have it turned into a canvas. This way, the image can be displayed like a work of art, and it can be passed down through the family as a painting that holds actual memories rather than just someone else's ideas.

For that older person on your list, consider giving them the gift of memories and love for Christmas. For more information on restoring a photo and turning it into a canvas work of art, check out YourCanvasPhotos today.

Joseph Devine

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