Monday, November 1, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Gift Baskets

By Kate Richards

Very soon you will be looking for Christmas gift baskets for family and friends. Did you forget someone on your Christmas list? Don't worry. You'll be able to find a last minute gift for anyone on this list below.

1. Bottle of sparkling cider. Do you need a gift for a holiday party? Did you forget to pick up a hostess gift for your sister-in-law's holiday brunch? Stop by the grocery store on your way there and purchase a pretty bottle of sparkling cider. Tie a ribbon around it and you're done. They'll never know you didn't buy it in advance.

2. Basket filled with deli cheese and fruit. Grab a basket from the dollar or craft store and head to the grocery market. Pick up some cubed cheese, grapes, and crackers. Arrange them neatly in the basket for a nice gift for a coworker, family member, or friend.

3. Holiday serving bowl or platter. Stop by a home goods store to find a beautiful holiday serving bowl or platter for the domestic diva in your life.

4. Photo album. You can pick up a cute, inexpensive photo album at the dollar store. Grab a holiday tote bag while you're there. If you have any pictures of the recipient, slide them into the album. No time investment and hardly any money.

5. Movie theater gift certificates. Purchase movie tickets in the beginning of December and have them around the house in case you need them in a pinch. This present works for children, teens, or adults. If you don't use them during the holidays, take your family out to a movie on New Year's.

6. Nail polish kit. Need a last minute Christmas gift for a teenager? Purchase a manicure kit from the drug store or make your own kits for multiple people by placing nail polish, nail files, polish remover, and hand lotion in small gift bags.

7. Christmas ornaments. You can find beautiful Christmas Christmas gift at many stores, and they make charming gifts for anyone special in your life. You can save even more time and frustration if you buy ornaments on sale each year after the holidays. Use them as presents during the next holiday season whenever you need a quick gift.

8. Organic bottle of wine. If the recipient is concerned about the future of the environment, give him/her an organic bottle of wine from a local vineyard that most people can pick up in less than ten minutes if traffic is on their side.

9. Christmas cookies: About a week before Christmas bake a couple batches of Christmas cookies and put them in holiday containers from the dollar store. If a neighbor stops by to exchange gifts, you'll have the perfect trade in a matter of seconds.

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