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Edible Christmas Gifts | 11 Inexpensive Home-Made Christmas Gifts to Delight Any Lucky Recipient

By Elisabeth Kuhn

Edible gifts can be a perfect choice when money is tight. Not only are they inexpensive, but home-made Christmas gift baskets -- if well picked -- can really delight their recipients. Read on for 11 popular edible gifts options.

Before you get started, make sure you test your recipes and taste-test the results. You want to make sure your recipients will be delighted. It's also a great excuse to sample some great goodies.

Here are some possibilities...

1) Cookies

Cookies are universally popular. They are also portable and keep well and they allow for countless variations. Wrapped nicely, they'll make the perfect gift.

2) Cookie Mixes

Do it yourself cookies are also a great choice. That way, the recipient doesn't have to share and they can treat themselves to the cookies weeks or even months later, depending on the ingredients.

3) Spiced Nuts

Spiced nuts are very easy to prepare and they're quite impressive -- and very healthy. You have two options. Fill them into a pretty container and you'll have a popular gift.

4) Dip Mixes

Dips are extremely popular during party season, and yet most people are a bit tired of the same old same old. So what a better gift to have than a dip mix you can turn into the show-stopper dip at a party and have everyone beg you for the recipe?

5) Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mixes

Easy to make and easy to store for quite a while. Yet so welcome on cold nights, when a hot cup of gourmet hot chocolate makes a great treat, which is made even greater because of the special ingredients.

6) Chocolate Truffles

Yum! Now here's a gift that will really impress. That's because truffles are so tasty yet also very expensive. If you learn the fine art of truffle making (which isn't very hard, actually), and practice it regularly, being very generous with the results, you'll be a very popular party guest indeed.

7) Granola Mixes

Want to be remembered fondly first thing in the morning? Create granola mixes with special ingredients that leave the grocery store versions in the dust.

8) Soup Mixes

Similar to hot chocolate, soups are comforting during the cold winter months. And with your special concoctions, you'll be sure to be remembered fondly.

9) Specialty Breads

Many of us are addicted to good bread. Just add fresh fancy butter, and you've got a major treat. So if you create a specialty bread, whether sweet or savory, you'll have a home-made Christmas gift that is sure to be well-received. The nice thing about breads is that you can either give them already baked -- or in the form of bake mixes. Either way, they'll be tasty.

10) Ice Cream Mixes

Okay, so ice cream isn't the most seasonal food. But it's plenty popular at any time of the year, and a good mix will keep till summer if needed (though it probably won't). And, of course, the possibilities for variety are endless. From the sweet to the savory, an ice cream mix is guaranteed to please.

11) Miscellaneous Seasoning Mixes

Spiced cider, spiced tea, or just a spice mix for gourmet cooking. They all give a hint of luxury and bring pleasure to their lucky recipients for a long time to come.

And all of these edible Christmas gifts are easy enough to make at home. And while they all qualify as inexpensive gifts, they definitely provide a sense of luxury. Just wrap them up nicely and be prepared for a very merry holiday season.

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