Thursday, November 18, 2010

DKNY Watch For a Christmas Present Ideas

By Martyn D Bleasdale

As Christmas begins to close in many people are beginning to put their thinking caps on and start deciding the ideal gift to buy a loved one or a good friend. There are many gift options out on the market from season tickets to their favourite football team, a new pair of shoes or even some form of jewellery accessory to go with their outfits.

The question many people wonder is what actually makes a good Christmas present ideas. Now obviously it is the thought that counts for a large part of it, but also in this day and age people associate the thought along with the price tag, whether they admit it or not. This is not to say that people need to start spending a fortune on christmas gifts but there definitely is an acceptable amount especially if the person is in full time work. A good price to try and work with for the average person is around fifty to one hundred pounds for a decent Christmas gift.

Here is the top three Christmas gifts ideas that a person could buy.

Concert Tickets

This is a really good one as people always want to see their favourite band play live and it can make for a really good weekend away for them. Now what a person really wants to give is two tickets so if they have a partner they can take them. A good idea is to give them to a single friend and then there is a high chance they may take you! It is a bit sneaky but a very good idea.

A Watch

An excellent gift to buy somebody is a quality watch. This is for several reasons, firstly it is a thoughtful gift and conveys that thought and attention has gone into the buying process. Secondly the prices out on the market are all reasonable and many big brand watches offer good deals on around Christmas time. Thirdly this is really a gift that someone can get a lot of use out of and can enjoy every day. A good watch brand to consider looking at that offers quality workmanship but also a good price is DKNY watches. They really have some fine designs and styles that range from smart and trendy to more relaxed and casual designs depending on what the occasion is.

I Tunes Vouchers

A much more generic gift is to buy I Tunes vouchers. This may seem not quite as impressive as the other gifts however some people are very hard to buy for and so this is a great option. Firstly because it means that they can essentially pick the songs or albums they want and so there is no risk of buying a CD they don't like. Also a person can buy varied amounts of vouchers, so it can be ten pounds worth or fifty pounds worth depending on what one wishes to spend. A good tip though - just make sure that the person receiving the vouchers has an I Pod!

Martyn currently works for Deisgned2Perform, a company that works alongside a DKNY watches online retailer.

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