Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Delighting Friends And Family With French Christmas Delivery Gifts

By Carolyn Clayton

The minute you hear the word France a special picture pops into your mind. The land of love and romance with handsome men and beautiful women can be imagined. There is nothing that would be more special than giving your friends and family French Christmas gifts. These are gifts that will bring surprise and joy to everyone who receives one.

French Christmas gifts and customs are different from the way they are in this country. The name for Christmas, in France, is 'Noel'. The children place their shoes in front of the fireplace, not stockings on the mantle. Two characters are supposed to visit the house, Pere Noel (Father Christmas), who brings gifts and Pere Fouettard who reports if the children were good or bad during the year. A number of small gifts are given prior to Christmas.

There is a wide range of French gifts to choose from and they are available in many of the large stores or on the Internet. Whatever gift is chosen you will find it beautifully made and very pleasing for the recipient. Whether choosing a simple handkerchief or an elegant piece of furniture, each is artistically made with great care.

For the teenager you might want to purchase a t-shirt with French writing or clever design on it. These are very popular with the younger set. A gym bag goes over very well with those engaged in sports.

The girlfriend, wife or any female acquaintance would love to have a box of fantastic French chocolates. These chocolates cannot be matched anywhere else in the world for their 'out of this world' taste. Filled with extraordinary fillings and dipped in dark or light chocolate they melt in the mouth and leave a taste that cannot be duplicated.

For a very special family member a christmas hamper of the country's furniture is something that will never be forgotten and will be shown to others with great pride. The artists and designers of that country create some pieces that cannot be matched elsewhere. Anyone who sees a piece of this furniture knows it is something special.

Of course, the gift of all time would be airline tickets and a hotel room at this extraordinary country. There the recipients would be greeted by people experienced in welcoming visitors with love and respect. Unfortunately, this kind of a gift is very expensive but, if the budget will not allow this extravagance, there are many other very striking gifts that will fulfill the desire to present French christmas delivery gifts at Christmas time. It would be even more impressive if you decorated the room and the Christmas tree in a French motif, which would go very nicely with the French Christmas gifts you are planning to present.

Boutique Provencal offer a beautiful range of French country decor including French Country Living accessories which make beautiful unique gifts for Christmas. Go on, treat your friends and family to something special this year.

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