Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Wine Gift Baskets - The Perfect Gift

The giving of holiday gifts is an ancient practice. Many cultures and religions celebrate the end of the year, or the beginning of the new year, by giving gifts. The significance of this act is to bond us together by celebrating our love and friendship.

Today's gift giving customs tend to focus on Christmas time. Although Christmas is primarily a Christian holiday, many non-Christian based religions celebrate this time of year as a cultural festival. Thus, this happy time of year is full of feasting and gift giving.

Some of us have difficulty choosing a gift for the people we know. So I offer this suggestion to help guide you in a good direction. If this time of year is about celebration, feasting, and all around merriment; then consider a giving a gift that helps to promote such activities.

Send your friends, family, and co-workers a Christmas wine gift basket!

This is a great idea because it has all the components that provide for a wonderful celebration. You have the wine and/or champagne for the celebration (and merriment) and you have the delicious goodies like cheeses, chocolates, nuts, and even cured meats to supply the feast component.

So if you are planning to send a wine gift basket, here are some things to think about:

First, you must find out if the person even drinks wine! You may already know if they drink, however, if its a client or co-worker you may have to do some leg work to find out. In your research you should try to determine whether they have a preference in red or white wines. The more information you can find, the better. Maybe they like a specific varietal of wine, or maybe a certain region. There are many different wine gift baskets to select from, that I am sure you can find one that meets their liking.

If you just cant find out their likes, then it may be best to play it safe. Pick a package with a selection of red AND white wines. And if you are unsure if they even drink, then you can always send a basket of goodies without the wine!

You can find baskets from the $30-$50 range up to and exceeding the $200 area. This all depends on what snacks are included and how many bottles of wine are in the gift basket. So, I am sure that you will find a gift basket in your price range.

So in your gift search, consider Christmas gift baskets of wine to warm up the holiday spirit and help your friends and family to celebrate.

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