Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unusual Christmas Gifts For Those Who Are Hard To Buy For

By: John Smith

We all know people who we find it so difficult to buy gifts for, whatever the occasion. To combat this, it is worth looking for the more unusual Christmas gifts, especially those that have a novelty factor to them, are gadgets, or the gift that is just plain strange!

For gadget gifts, because many people now own a digital camera, a great gift could be a digital photo frame to display images, with a number of these frames able to store and display thousands of images. There are now mini key ring digital cameras or photo frames available and it's also easy to have favourite photos printed onto different items, so for some unusual gifts, how about having photos made into a calendar, or printed onto a mug or beach bag?

There are lots of ethical gifts available nowadays. You can purchase from an organisation items such as a tool set, a stove or a life jacket. These items are then given to communities worldwide where they are required. All of these items are real lifesavers for many people in poorer countries. For those recipients who prefer to support animal causes, look at adoption schemes for endangered species, or those that are offered by UK-based charities that look after neglected animals such as donkeys and dogs.

Because more and more people nowadays are consumer conscious, when buying unusual gifts you could consider purchasing Fairtrade items. Fairtrade (or the Fairtrade Foundation) works toward improving working conditions, increasing sustainability and makes sure that farmers and workers in developing countries receive a fair deal from suppliers and consumers. Therefore, when we purchase these products we're ensuring that a fair price has been paid to the farmer. Keep an eye out for great handmade gifts and items of jewellery and also keep a close eye on the high street. More and more retailers are stocking Fairtrade and Traidcraft items such as cotton t-shirts and Fairtrade food hampers. As well as ethical gift ideas, there are lots of unusual gifts that have a sustainable theme. Christmas hampers made from recycled items are becoming more popular and there are lots of unusual ideas available. If you're looking for a gift for a music lover, how about a photo frame or a clock made from an old vinyl record, or a notebook made from original vinyl covers? Possibilities for stylish house gifts include coasters made from old records or computer circuit boards. For the woman who hasn't got enough handbags and let's be honest, that's probably every woman, there are some fantastically stylish handbags made from recycled items. Perhaps some of the funkiest of these are the ones that are made from recycled car parts, or totes that have been made from recycled juice cartons. Not only are these sorts of "Eco" gifts very individual, but also they're assisting in reducing the amount of waste we throw away.

If you're looking for unusual gifts for those who like to spend a lot of time with their friends, how about buying a board game? Whether a traditional or modern game it will provide loads of laughs and the whole family as well as lots of friends can get involved. For those who like to play to win, how about a poker or casino set? This has to be one of the best reasons for you all to invite yourselves around to someone's house on a Friday night! These sorts of gifts cost a lot less than big nights out, they can be used over and over again and perhaps most importantly will generate so much fun.

If you're really struggling to find the right gift for someone, try thinking about that person's name and what it means. Most names have a meaning that can give some inspiration for a gift. One example is the name Lauren, which means laurel, the symbol of victory. Therefore, if you know a Lauren who is a keen gardener why not buy a young laurel tree in a ceramic pot? Or for a Shannon, an unusual gift could be Celtic earrings to reflect one of the origins of the name. You should also consider that many conventional gifts such as champagne, chocolates and silverware could easily be personalised, making traditional gifts more unusual gifts.

Depending on the person that you're buying for, there are also many strange Christmas gifts online available such as flavoured edible insects and joke household items such as fake bloody shower curtains. There are lots of retailers who sell these sorts of unusual gifts alongside the more conventional gifts and as long as you know the recipient well then there are lots of unusual gifts available for those who are hard to buy for.

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