Sunday, October 10, 2010

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas How To Get Gifts For Everyone

Christmas, is wonderful time, a time for giving and sharing. So if everyone is going to be giving and receiving presents, how do you ensure that your gift is special and will be most lovingly remembered by its recipients? Burning a hole in your pocket is not the worst thing to worry about when you have bought an expensive gift. Finding out that someone has gotten the same thing as you is. Thus if you are willing to hand make your gifts and have the imagination to tweak them a little to become totally different, you will never be short on unique Christmas ideas. Here are some quirky ideas to get your creative juices flowing and your hands working.

Bake cookies or gingerbread men. Add M&Ms to give the latter cute buttons and eyes. Make these your unique Christmas gift idea by using icing to personalise the gingerbread men with its' recipients' names. I suggest that you abstain from christening your gifts if they are meant for overly sentimental friends. Firstly, they may not have the heart to eat your masterpiece and then, cry over the poor thing when it has grown mould. However, do be kind to your friends this festive season and abstain from even attempting the suggested gift if your baking skills are not up to par.

The best bet for a Christmas gift that will touch Mum and Dad's hearts is breakfast in bed. Not only is this kind to your pocket, it also gives your parents more privacy and time together amidst the Christmas hustle and bustle. Cook all the food that dad loves but is forbidden by mum due to over paranoid concerns of heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, obesity and what not. It is most likely that dad will get to enjoy his food as which parent can bear to deprive another of what his precious offspring had taken pains to prepare?

Lego is definitely great for kids as it promotes creativity, problem solving and logical sequencing. Of pivotal importance it that you can purchase it anywhere, thus sparing you the agony of trawling though malls. Now, what makes it The unique Christmas gift idea is going the extra mile and building it into his or her favourite character, animal, object... Whatever the child adores. Should you be absolutely devoid of ideas or are working with two left hands, you could bribe, beg, threaten or simply coerce the sales person into selling you the display set.

To quell office politics, you could use the same unique Christmas present ideas for both the office glutton and the messy colleague who seats beside you. Firstly, get plain glasses and fabric paints. Two colours - red and green are sufficient and this saves time alternating between colours. Then, personalize each cup with their names and throw in lots of candy. A steady hand should get each cup done in a jiffy. The former recipient can polish off the treats and use the glass to hoard even more junk. On the other hand, your sloppy friend can put the glass to good use by throwing in miscellaneous items, thus keeping their desks a little bit tidier.

Unique Christmas gift ideas are what they are because they are thought up and made by you. Even if you got your gift off the shelf, do add some personal touches. Meaningful and sentimental gifts work best at showing your sincerity and warming hearts this Christmas.


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