Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to Make the Perfect Xmas Hamper

One of the best gifts you can buy someone is a hamper - particularly if it is customized to the likes of that particular person. A well thought out hamper can certainly make a person feel special. While there are a large number of pre-built Christmas gifts available to buy from a number of online UK stores, why not make it that little bit extra special and create a hamper for yourself. Customizing it for a specific person can not only increase it's popularity, but can be cost efficient and help save you money.

It's important to plan out the content of your hamper before you start preparing it. Get yourself a notepad and jot down approximately 10-15 items that you might want to put in it. Think about what the person likes - this might be wine, chocolates, fruit, cheeses or champagne. Of course, you can mix and match but it is good to come up with an overall theme.

Once you have noted down the contents of your hamper, the next challenge is to create it at the lowest possible cost. Creating a hamper can be an expensive business - especially if you are making one for many people such as family members of close friends. However, if you shop around Christmas gifts online, you should be able to find some great bargains which can reduce the cost of your hamper. Be sure to use voucher codes to save money on your purchases at all online stores. You could also create a "super hamper" and send it to several members of your family, helping saving on cost instead of buying one small one for each hamper. This gives you the opportunity to create a high quality hamper which will be well received.

There is a huge amount of items that you could use to fill your hamper, but here are some suggestions to get you started.

- A box of chocolates from Thorntons
- A selection of homemade cookies
- A bottle of champagne or wine
- A selection of cheeses
- 6 homemade mince pieces
- Selection of fruits

The exact requirements will largely depend on the type of person you are buying for. But with the credit crunch biting, it pays to save money on your Christmas hampers by creating your own - saving you money while making the recipient feel extra special.


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