Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guide to Christmas Corporate Gifts

Christmas is gift giving time for many businesses and choosing Christmas Corporate gifts whether they are for your staff or customers can often be difficult. To make this process easier for you we have put together a brief to help make your gift choice easier this Christmas.

Personal Gifts

Personal business gifts work really well, especially when you have a close relationship with your clients. As some gifts can often have two meanings, be careful not to give a gift that may offend. For example receiving a shaving kit may leave your client with the impression that he isn't well groomed. Alternatively he may feel grateful for giving him such a practical gift.

Gift Ideas:

o Engraved executive pen personalized with your client's name

o Desk accessories printed with a thank you message

o Magazine subscription for your client's favourite hobby interest attached to a custom printed wine bottle branded with your company logo.

o Printed book light

Gifts for males

Gifts that have a practical application such as a multi-tool make great business gifts for men.

Male Gift Ideas:

o BBQ set for male customers

o Golf Gift Pack for male customers

o Cuff Links

Gifts for females

For ladies, manicure sets and travel-related products make for practical gifts.

Female Gift Ideas:

o Embroidered bathrobe for female customers

o Manicure set for female customers

o Lip Balm

o Hand & Nail cream

o Cosmetic Bag

Work-related Gifts

Work-related business Christmas gifts are great. Your clients will truly appreciate them, especially if it helps make their job easier. To help a work-related gift become a hit, focus on its practical use and ensure it would be something your client would use.

Gift Ideas:

o Printed USB Memory Stick

o Custom printed Sticky notes

o Embossed Diary

Thank You gifts

You might consider giving your client a thank you gift this Christmas, with an attached message thanking them for their business for the year.

Gift Ideas:

o Bottle of Wine printed with your company logo

o Printed Jar of Lollies, Chocolates or Biscuits

o Wine bottle packaged in a wine tote with printed wine glasses

o Coffee Mug printed with a Thank You message and personalized name

Good Luck with finding that perfect Christmas gift!


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