Tuesday, October 26, 2010

7 Ways to Wish the Kids a Happy with Christmas Baskets

By Shirley Bass

Delectable, playful and right down delicious, Christmas baskets are a great way to wish the kids a happy holiday season. Think of these creative gift baskets as oversized Christmas cards, filled to the brim and overflowing with things to do and scrumptious bites to nibble on, during the holiday season.

Having a variety of Christmas gift baskets to choose from, gives you the perfect opportunity to send the kids a scrumptious holiday smile and know that they're smiling back. These creative Christmas gifts are sure to please, both the palate and the tummy of any kid you love.

Here are 7 examples of Holiday Baskets and Christmas gift ideas for kids of all ages.

Care Packages for the Younger Children

Feeling special comes easy, as Frosty's Winter Wonderland Care Package, lets the kids cuddle and hug Frosty, the plush snowman, while sipping hot chocolate and playing with their fun dough and stamper. Plus, they have fruity bubbles to blow and an array of goodies to devour.

And the playful snowflake cookie tin holds their treasures and helps keep the fun dough fresh.

Gift Baskets for Kids are Available Year Around

Gift baskets for kids are a joy for kids of all ages. Imagine the surprise, thrill and delight, when goodies, treats and fun things to do arrive in time for their holiday vacation. These creative holiday baskets are overflowing, like an overstuffed stocking.

Kids Working or Going To School and Away from Home

Suggestions for Christmas gift for kids, who are living away from home and perhaps, working their way through college is a large holiday sampler filled with plenty of sausage, gourmet cheeses and sweet treats, which hits the spot and satisfies the palate.

Children and Grandchildren

Kids who get to hug your grandchildren everyday, deserve the biggest baskets and most delicious treats of all. Just imagine them gathering around your basket to see what Grandma and Grandpa sent. And think of the peacefulness, when mom has plenty of treats for kids to eat, during the holiday break.

Santa's Bag

Santa's Bag of Holiday Goodies is perfect for everyone in the family. Every kid in the house, including yourself, may enjoy the old-fashioned treats that fills Santa's Bag with goodies. Hot cocoa, cappuccino, old-fashion hard candy, caramel corn and more is always a favorite during the biggest holiday season of the year.

Sweet Baskets

Sweet baskets are one thing that holds memories of the holiday season. Especially, when an oversized, old-fashioned wooden truck arrives and is loaded with sweet goodies. Kids big and small will love how this truck adds to the decor of the holiday season.

When the Kids Come Home for Christmas

An oversized Holiday Basket is just the thing to please and entertain the whole family. Sweet and savory gourmet goodies give everyone something to munch on, enjoy and smile about.

And the most wonderful part of giving gift baskets, is the fact, that they are stuffed full of top quality gift solutions that are affordable. The kids get an array of gifts to enjoy. And you get a satisfied heart, while sending your best wishes to everyone you love.

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