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Terms of Islamic Wudhu

Wudhu must be done when they should provide thawaf pray and worship. As word of Allah and the following hadith:

* "O ye who believe, when ye pray to wash your face, both hands up to elbows and rub your head and wash your legs to ankle. (Q. S. Al-anymore: 6).
* "From the Messenger of Allah. He said: Prayer is one of you will not be accepted if he berhadas until he washed." (H. R. Abu Hurairah ra).

Perform ablutions before reading the Qur'an, when going to bed, and other good deeds the ruling is voluntary, and Makruh when going to sleep or to eat in a state junub.

There are 5 (five) requirements for ablution,
1. Islam
2. Already Baliqh
3. No big berhadas
4. Using the absolute water (purify the sacred and can be used)
5. Nothing prevents arriving kekulit

Five Pillars of ablution are six (six);

One. Intend to perform ablution, and saying the

"Nawaitul wudluua liraf'il hadatsil ashghari fardlallillaahi ta'aalaa.", Meaning: "I berwudlu intention 'to eliminate the small hadats obligatory because God'
1. Face wash (with uniform)
2. Wash hands up to her elbows (with uniform)
3. Rubbed some heads
4. Washed the feet until he reached with both ankles (with uniform)
5. Orderly (sequential)

In achieving perfection ablution, Rasulullah SAW has set an example that we should follow, as the following hadith quote:

Finish Subuh prayer, Prophet asked Bilal "O Bilal! Tell me about the deeds of the most useful thing you did after embracing Islam. Because one night I heard footsteps sandals in front of me in heaven." Bilal said: "I've never done a most useful practice after converting to Islam than I am always with perfect ablution at any time of night and day and then perform salat wudhuku circumcision with it as many times as God wills." (H. R. Abu Hurairah ra).

Here is how to refine the ablution, which include things disunnahkan:

* Putting the right body part
* Mengulagi each member of ablution as much as 3 (three) times
* Not talking
* Facing Qiblah
* Reading basmalah (in liver or melafadzkannya)
* Intend to ablution, and saying the:

"Nawaitul wudluua liraf'il hadatsil ashghari fardlallillaahi ta'aalaa" means: "I berwudlu intention 'to eliminate the small hadats obligatory because Allah."

* Washing hands until the wrist
* Rubbing teeth (bersiwak)
* Gargling
* Cleaning the nose (insert water and then dumped back kehidung)
* Washing the face (with uniform)
* Washing hands up to her elbows (with uniform)
* Rubbing the head portion
* Rubbing both outside and inside the inner ear
* Washing both feet up to the ankle (with uniform)
* Read the prayer after ablution.

"Asyhadu an laa ilaaha illalaahu asyhadu anna Muhammadan wa 'wa abduhu Rasuuluh, Allahummaj'alnii interest tawwaa biinaa waj'alnii mutathahhiriin minal.", Meaning: "I bear witness that no God but Allah, and I testify that Muhammad is the servant of the real Him and His Messenger. Oh god, put me in among those who repent, and insert into the group of people who are holy. "

* Then proceed with the voluntary prayer ablution as much as 2 (two) rak'ah.

That he (Uthman ra.) Ask for water and then washed. He washed his hands three times and rinse and remove water from the nose. Then washed his face three times, then washed his right hand up to elbow three times, his left hand too. After that, rubbing his head, then washed his right foot to ankle three times, as well as his left leg. Then say: "I never saw the Messenger of Allah. Wuduku ablutions like this, then he said: He who ablution like this wuduku way, then pray two cycles, where the two cycles that he did not speak to his own heart, the sins that have been then will be forgiven. " (H. R. Usman bin Affan ra).

* Orderly (sequential)

There are a few things or things that may invalidate his ablution legitimate, such as:

1. Quit something from two doors (kubul and rectum) or one of them either in the form of feces, urine, wind, semen or any other.
2. Loss of sense, either crazy, drunk or passed out.
3. Skin contact with a male rather than female skin muhrim.
4. Touching the genitals or anus with the inner door palms, either owned or owned by others. Both adults and kids.
5. Sleep, except when sleeping by sitting down and is still in its original state (not changed his position).

Source : http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wudhu

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