Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Result of the Noisette Roses

Noisette roses or just Noissete rose (Rosa indicates noisettiana) is a class which varieties of roses and descendants originate from a hybrid variety obtained by Philippe Noisette in America, and introduced in France in the early nineteenth century.


The first rose Noissete was taken around 1800 by a rice planter in South Carolina (USA) named John Champneys, from the intersection of Rosa moschata (rose hips) with a Rosa chinensis (mini-pink).

The result was to obtain a variety of vigorous growth that produced bunches with huge clusters of small flowers, pink, and with a gentle fragrance. This variety was named "Bengale Champney's Rose" or "Champney's Pink Cluster".

Champneys has some seeds of your rose to his friend and neighbor, gardener Philippe Noisette. From these seeds, Noisette got a lot of variety similar to Champmpneys, but with the flowers folded, now known as "Blush Noisette '.

Philippe Noisette sent some seeds and cuttings for your brother, Louis Claude Noisette, a large nursery in Paris. Then, around 1815, this variety of birds to be comercialiazidas roses in Paris, extending to most of Europe.

These varieties of roses are now known as "Roses of the Noisettes" or simply "Rosa Noisette." This new variety made sense and had great influence on the creation of roses in Europe. Later, a cross with "Parks'Yellow China" resulted climbing yellow roses, still popular today.

The descendants of the first Noisette rose, 'Blush Noisette', vary in height and inflorescence. The majority begins its bloom a little later than, for example, Bourbon roses, and many repeat continuously flowering during the summer.

Some of these roses are sensitive to cold, preferring protected sites. Roses with stems are thin and flexible to grow as strongly as shrubs or trailing vines. Its fragrant flowers are generally small with 4-7 cm diameter.

The first-Noisette roses were subsequently crossed with the Tea Rose producing a subclass called Tea-Noisette with larger flowers, floral sets smaller and far more resistant to winter.

Source: http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosa_de_Noissete

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