Wednesday, August 4, 2010

History of Islam

Muhammad, as recognized by the Muslim prophet of God, the founder of the Islamic faith. Muhammad began to receive statements from God in 610. In at age forty that Muhammad, had her vision where the Archangel Gabriel called him to teach the word of God. In 613, he began to preach. Made the principles of Islam as a religion springs since 622, when fulfilled Hijra means "emigration" or pangingibang town. Unified ugatan the Hegira or Hijra of the word "Year of emigration" (this is the first year of Muslim calendar).

Left by Muhammad and his followers to Mecca for the Arab conflict or resistant to its message. precisely the tribe of Muhammad is not nagkagusto the message of the Koran, because they were afraid too many changes do it with their lives. went were Muhammad and his followers believe the Koran in the oasis of Yathrib, which later known as Medina or the "City of Prophets". In 630, was established by Muhammad introduction of his new religion, because this is the year when Muhammad returned to the city of Mecca. Including 10,000 soldiers, attacked and Muhammad tinaban of the city. He Napagbago will of the people to embrace Islam. He also broke his soldiers and the idols or idol. He only retained the Kaaba (Arabic for "cube"), a small building dating kinalalagakan of the idol. It broke because he did not relate it to the time of Abraham and Ishmael, the common ancestor of both Jews and Arabic.

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