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The Color of the Mango

Mango Mangifera casturi trap or a specific mango South Kalimantan.


Mango musk tree can reach 25 m high with a trunk diameter of ± 40-115 cm. White bark keabu-abuan to light brown, sometimes there are small cracks or crevices ± 1 cm in the form of bark off and are similar to Mangifera indica. Bertangkai leaves, elongated shape lanset with pointy ends and on both sides of the bone with the middle leaf is 12-25 bones as well as leaves. Drowning of young leaves and purple hung older.

Majemuk flower beds with some flowers in pairs and often hairy rasemos close. The length of flower stalk ± 28 cm with a child is very short stalk, which is 2-4 mm. Leaf petals sweep the whole egg length 2-3 mm. Corolla length and round egg scented flowers. Stamen of the same length of crown, staminodia very short and like the stamen of tertancap tonjolan interest policy.

Fruits are round to ellipsoid with a weight of less than 80 grams, pulp and stringy yellow or oranye. Stones with a thick wall. This mango fruit at the beginning of the rainy season or around the month of January.


There are three varietas Mangifera casturi. Varietas mango is known as the community of South Kalimantan in terms of curvature, Cuban / kastuba and ASEM pelipisan / palipisan.

Fruit similar to trap kenampakannya mango but is small, round to ellipsoid berbentu with length of 5-6 cm, width 4-5 cm and weight 65.6 ± grams. Thin rind with light green with dark spots, and when ripe the fruit skin turned black. Oranye dark flesh color, fiber content of 1.06% and has a sweet and savory flavors. Prominent feature of the indentation is a fragrant fruit aroma that many people liked South Kalimantan.

Cuban Mango round to ellipsoid with a length of 6 to 6.3 cm and a width of 4.2 to 5.2 cm. The skin is red and black roses full when it is cooked. Oranye flesh colored light, contain fiber and aromatic fragrance like a trap.

ASEM pelipisan or palipisan have similar kenampakan total curvature, but not create fragrant aromas. Ellipsoid-shaped fruit with a long 6 to 7.2 cm, width 3 to 4.4 ± cam and weight 66.26 grams of skin color were green with brown spots, and if the cook was quite dark green and have a lot of rubber at the former stem. Oranye yellow flesh with ± 1.89% fiber content.

Status Mangifera casturi

In 31 of Marga Mangifera found in Kalimantan, three types of which are endemic. Based on the decision of the Minister of Home Affairs No. 48 year 1989 about the identity of each propinsi flora, plant Mangifera casturi propinsi set to the identity of the flora of South Kalimantan.

Mango trap is special endemic flora of South Kalimantan Malformed existence threatened. Taxon populations tended to decrease, both in terms of number of individuals, populations and diversity genetisnya. Kelangkaan status were analyzed by using the categories and criteria for rare plants according to the IUCN Red List Categories 30 November 1994.

Assessment team from the World Conservation Monitoring Centre in 1998 set to be the category Mangifera casturi Malformed in situ atauExtinct in the Wild = EW. Mango is known only live and grow naturally in the garden or the forest and other conservation areas, but no longer found in the natural habitat.

The spread of population Mangifera casturi

Population distribution locations in the village of Mangifera casturi MATARAMAN Sub MATARAMAN, Banjar regency in mixed farms. In general, the garden is filled with a mixture of rice interspersed with the old trap trees are more than 50 years and did not deliberately planted by local residents. This garden is in the yard of the house most of the irregular pattern. However, data on species abundance is not known for certain.

Kasturi from dipanen in early season and abundant rainfall in the month of January. In addition, other fruit crops like banana and rambutan are also beginning dipanen. Since the age of many trees trap more than 50 years, the productivity decline. Therefore, in 1980, community village MATARAMAN pembibitan were trying to learn how to make indentation.


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