Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Clusters of the Flowers

The cold (Cordia subcordata) is a species of Sweet Marjoram (Boraginaceae). It is a 8-10 m high, evergreen tree with a broad, dense crown and a trunk to 60 cm thick. The leaves are alternate, ovate to elliptical with blunt ends, light green and shiny on top and dull underneath. The blade is 8-20 x 5-16 cm.

The cold helps year-round flowers in small clusters at the ends of the branches and in the leaf axils. They consist of a green calyx and a corolla light orange.

The corolla is 2.5 to 4 cm wide and consists of five to seven slightly crumpled corolla. The fruits are spherical to ovate, 2-3 cm wide and brown, hard and woody as they mature. Often grow on a tree while ripe and unripe fruits.

Each fruit contains up to four white, narrow, 1-13 cm long seeds with an edible core. The fruit will float, making them widely distributed through the ocean. The seeds germinate as soon as they wash ashore.

The cold comes to the tropical coast and in the nearby lowlands along the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. He is partly in Southeast Asia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia and northwards to the Marquesas to Hawaii. He is also on the islands in the Indian Ocean and along the east coast of Africa.

The cold is threatened by logging and by caterpillars of the moth Ethmia nigroapicella. Hawaii is often replaced by sebestenboom (Cordia sebestena), which is resistant to caterpillars.


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