Monday, August 9, 2010

Auxiliary Science of History

Genealogy (Latin genealogy, genea> Greek genos, race, birth, ancestry, +-logia> the Greek logos, science, study) is the study and monitoring of ancestry and descent of a person or family. Also named to the document that records the study, usually expressed as a tree. Genealogy is also an .

Oral sources
Oral sources are those that are obtained verbally from another person, usually within the family, parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins, great-grandparents. These sources, as they are nurtured in the family tradition are often inaccurate as to dates of birth, baptisms, marriages and deaths, occupations and places of origin, but offer a wealth of information that often is not documented well possible to determine the general framework familiar as a starting point for further work.

It is best to consult with those older members within the extended family, any history that seems insignificant can become useful. Also if you live in a small community should be consulted older people who live in it or nearby.

There are data that are available exclusively from oral sources, either for lack of documentation, such as the father of an illegitimate child not recognized or because the document has been destroyed during natural disasters, accidents or wars, so it is always recommended to validate the information with people and contemporary authors, without involving the primary source oral neglect.

It is always advisable to systematize the information obtained to create personal cards for each person being investigated, and always well defined, leaving the person who was informed of such data. These files may have both physical and electronic format, using the latter, generally, programs, or herd of commercial software (proprietary software) or free (open source), some of them of great quality.

Depending on how the researcher is likely to share its database with other researchers, it is advisable to ascertain the compatibility of the program format is used, because there are different formats. The most common of these is the GEDCOM.


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