Monday, August 23, 2010

The Attire For Indian Groom

Weddings in India are famous for its dress and apparel , in particular the attire for the Indian groom makes the weddings in India distinct and separate . Indian wedding dresses are a wide canvass and it includes many fascinating objects like the groom shervani, the groom wedding sehra, The groom shoes , The groom wedding turban.

Choosing the correct type of sehra , turban , shoes for the groom involves lot of time and effort and is one of the top challenges undertaken by the family as well as Indian wedding planners.Indian weddings are unique due to the attire worn both by the bride and the groom . After dressing up with the elegantly looking wedding attire , the groom accompanied with the barat enters the brides residence to exchange the permanent wedding vows. Groom accessories play a very important role in a traditional Indian wedding. Indian wedding planners pay a great importance to Shervani.

which is one of the main accessories for the groom The Shervani is worn with heavy Curidar Kurta or Jodhpuri suit and it occupies an important place in the pantheon of the exhaustive array of Indian wedding dresses .There are many special stores and even boutiques catering to the diverse aspects of the attire for Indian Groom......

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