Tuesday, August 10, 2010

20th Century of Vegetarianism

In 1901 was established the first vegetarian society in Russia. In 1905 was created the first Vegetarian Society in Spain. In 1908 was founded in Dresden, Germany, the International Vegetarian Union (International Vegetarian Union, IVU), a nonprofit organization designed to promote vegetarianism.

In 1911 the Vegetarian Society was founded in Portugal, in Oporto. Its president was Dr. Amilcar de Sousa, and honorary president was the writer Jaime de Magalhães Lima. This society has published a monthly magazine, The Vegetarian (for a time the secretary of the journal's editorial was the writer Jorge Angelo) and the Library Vegetarian, with several books of Portuguese and foreign authors. The association had delegates abroad: in France was Dr. Henri Collière in England was Dr. Josiah Oldfield and North America Dr. John Harvey Kellogg.

Source : http://lv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ve?et?risms_reli?ij?#Isl.C4.81ms

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