Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Story about the Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is a conifer traditionally around Christmas in the house is decorated to be persuaded with candles, balls, streamers, tinsel, various decorative figures (angels, reindeer, packages ...) and possibly a peak. The tradition of the Christmas tree is gradually expanded to lit and decorated trees in parks and squares, streets and gardens.

The Christmas tree goes back to an pre-Christian, or "pagan" fertility symbol. The evergreen tree represents the renewal of life in it.

In many municipalities, a large lighted Christmas tree put down, usually on a market square or other central location in the city or village.

The moment the tree is decorated varies from region to region and from religion to religion. In the Netherlands, the unwritten rule that trees and other Christmas decorations until after Christmas (December 5) may be made. Appearance of Epiphany (January 6), the tree removed: according to tradition, brings the accident as the Christmas tree after Epiphany still house.


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