Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Christmas Tree Origins

About the age of the tree walk using the resources widely. It probably has a Oudgermaanse origin, the tree (oak) was central to a midwinter celebration (actually the shortest day). Perhaps the tree was then lit.

The Christian churches, especially the Roman Catholic Church, have long banned the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree with the contents of the Christian Christmas has nothing to do. Remarkably, it is precisely their nineteenth-century creed, who have ensured that the Christmas tree in the Netherlands took effect. In the nineteenth century the Reveil an important role in the introduction of this tree. Had initially only rich families use a spruce in the house, the Sunday school has brought him wide popularity. Sunday school, founded by people from Réveil, was not only a convenient way to spread the gospel but also to poor of resources. Since then, the tree in some churches symbolize 'the light'.

The Catholic Church has its own Christian meaning to the tree data. The triangular shape of the tree would represent the holy trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Hague University in 2009 bore the news with the measure for that year for the first time no Christmas tree to place, because the "international character and diversity 'within the school. The school found a Christmas tree "reasonably related to (...) a Christian party" and just hung garlands and lights, to the theme of light and warmth, which the board by everyone in his own way can be completed. Students then decided to own Christmas trees in the school to put down.


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