Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Tall Parnassia Plant

The Parnassia (Parnassia palustris) is a tall plant to 30 cm from the family Parnassia (Paranassiaceae). The ground-self leaves are heart shaped and have a long handle. The plant blooms from July to September. The flower is on an upright stem in which a sheet can be found seated. The five petals are white with green veins running parallel. The flowers are five staminoda (fused infertile stamens), terminating in a series of buttons that golden nectar issue. For each leaf there is a crown. The fertile stamens alternate with the staminoda. Bomvormige the capsule opens by four valves.

Moreover, some botanists distinguish varieties within the Parnassia:

Parnassia palustris var *. conde sata, the variety of coastal areas

Parnassia palustris var *. palustris, the variety of the interior

Both varieties are very difficult to distinguish. Parnassia was formerly classified in the saxifrage family (Saxifragaceae), but nowadays the genus Parnassia Parnassia classified in the family.

Parnassia dependent on pollination by insects. The stamens are ripe for one and finally the pistil fertile. Especially flying visit to the flower. The seed is very fine and easily dispersed by wind over long distances.

The plant is found throughout the Northern Hemisphere outside the tropics and subtropics. In the Netherlands it was once widely distributed in the peat, and sandy soils in South Limburg on the chalk. Meanwhile, the species has become rare by dehydration and high fertilization rates. The plant is protected by law. Now she grows best in wet dune valleys and on sandbanks in closed estuaries. Parnassia is legally protected in the Netherlands and is on the Dutch Red List (plant) in 2000 as a very rare and very much reduced. The species is very active in the area Lauwersoog.

In Belgium, the species also occurs in coastal dunes and Lorraine, she is very rare elsewhere. In other parts of Europe, like Switzerland, it is much less rare than in the low countries.

Parnassia is often admired for its beauty and is celebrated in poems. An example is the poem I Duinpan Richter Roegholt.


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