Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Paint Broom Plant

Paint Broom (Genista tinctoria L.) is a shrub, which belongs to the Fabaceae family and occurs across much of Europe. In the Netherlands, mainly in the Wadden Islands. Both plants and seeds are poisonous. Paint Broom is also found in ornamental gardens.

The shrub to 80 cm high. The fringed leaves of the dyer's broom are elongated and are often found on the branch. The shrub blooms in the Netherlands from June to September, with long golden bunches of flowers. The flowers are at the end of the branches and are hairless and are much visited by bees. At the foot of the bowl are two steel sheets. The fruit is a hairless pods with many seeds.

Brem paint is found in low grasslands, dune valleys, moors and roadsides.

Previously this broom dyeing of clothing material. From the flowering tops may yellow dye extracted luteolin.

In other languages

German: Färber-Ginster

English: Dyer's Green Weed

French: des Genêt Teinturière

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Verfbrem

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