Monday, June 28, 2010

Legends that Incorporate the Woodruff Plant

At that time Mary would give birth, she had the crib already lined up, covered with herbs and some hay. After Jesus was born, he was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in the manger. When first cries of the newborn infant bedding immediately started to bloom. If you do this if the rest of his life gold (white) flowers. (In a Middle dictionary we find an explanation as: dried aromatic herbs = Golden Cruts).

About the origin of the name Woodruff, the next round of the legend: Saint Anne (mother of Mary) had a big problem: her daughter could not understand sleep. How she did her best, if not income, little Maria stayed awake. Deep thinking about Anna walked through the fields and suddenly saw a bedding-plant stand. She picked the flowers and put them in a bag. After a while they were wilted and started to smell delicious. Mother Anna placed the bag under her mattress as a baby and since then they slept like a baby. If you could plant it at that time called woodruff.

There was once a king who richly physician, paid him to provide cures that save him from death. One day the king a cup bedstraw, waist, according to his doctors. Now there was a servant in the palace also known for a long time wanted to live there and sneak a drink, took off. The thief was soon caught and sentenced to death. Then said the boy, "if you kill me then I die young, then you know that your doctors can be fooled. The king thought deeply and finally found that he could not take that risk. He had said the servant Fri Both died anyway, but in old age. Since then arose the proverb "To the Death is no cure."


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