Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Juglans cinerea Uses

Butternussholz has a bright reddish-brown core. It is relatively soft and less resilient. It is used like for veneers, furniture and interior trim. Also in the cabinet making the wood is valued.

The rather small nuts are baked in cakes and biscuits. The flavor of the butternut is compared with the real walnut something sweet, but not as sweet as that of the even smaller Texas walnut. Butter nuts can be cracked more easily than Texas walnuts. The core of edible meat can not detach easily from the shell. The nuts ripen in September, that is already relatively early. As in all walnuts nuts you should never pluck from the tree directly, because they will be hollow. If you want to store the nuts, they must be forced to dry and peel. The peeling the butternut is almost as hard as to crack it and herauszupulen their meat, because their skin is tough, sticky and in the rough Nussoberfläche actually rooted. She is also impregnated with a brown dye, which is of clothing such as human skin badly remove.

In Massachusetts, was drilled 120 years ago to the strains of Butternussbäumen and processed the juice flowing to sugar production. The bark was used as a laxative. In the garden you should prefer to be careful with the tapping of the tribe or the cutting off of branches, because, like all nuts, the butternut is prone to bleeding during the spring, the best time to trim the tree is in mid-August.

Also like all the walnuts also produces a harmful especially butternut apple trees herbicide, and unlike other species, the roots of the walnut butternut grow in breadth. So be careful, although the ground is covered with butter nuts with grass, in contrast to the Manchurian walnut (Juglans mandshurica), for example.

An obstacle to the use of timber is that the trees bear no shade from the top. They grow in competition, they can be up to 10 meters higher.

The transplantation of butternut trees is difficult because they form rapidly from a tap root, they do not survive their injury.

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