Monday, June 28, 2010

The Hop Plant

The hop (Humulus lupulus) is a species of the hemp family (Cannabaceae). A substance from the flower of the female plant are mainly used as a component of beer. There is also the ornamental cultivar Humulus lupulus 'Aureus' with golden yellow leaves.

Hops is an herbaceous, right winding climber in the Netherlands and Belgium in the wild. It is a perennial plant that overwinters as rootstock. The characteristic 'bubble' in August-September to the female plant and its flowers are growing, are the part where the plant is cultivated. These cones contain essential oils that give beer a bitter taste and a preservative effect.

The bitter compounds from hops (the lupulin the female cones) are a component of some beers. Initially, hops added to beer as a preservative, but nowadays it only added to the flavor. Certainly in lager, English bitters and a number of Belgian specialty beers is indispensable. Hoppy beers are Amstel 1870, Fire Up, Jopen hopping and Christopher Beer in the Netherlands, XX Bitter, Cristal Alken and Stella Artois and Beck's in Belgium, Jever and DAB in Germany.

Lambiek used for the brewer hops whose bitter volatile compounds are lost but all other properties hop has left. For home brewers of beer hops bags are sold by companies that own brewing products.

In total, in the year 2005 an estimated 80,000 tons per year hop harvest, of 55,000 acres spread across the globe. In Flanders, hops grown in the area around Aalst, Asse where the last hop farmer disappeared in 2003, and he is still cultivated in Flanders around Poperinge (as Bumblebee is spoken), but due to strong competition from abroad, areas here steadily. The Belgian is mostly bitter hops, and hops from Bohemia finer, more aromatic it is. In the Netherlands used to be hops, such as the sandy soils in the Northeast and in Brabant. The Drenthe Peize was the sixteenth to the eighteenth century village known as hop. Besides a museum garden "in the middle of the village and many referrals name is nothing more left. Since 1997 the Gulpener Brewery hops grown in the South Limburg Reijmerstok.

In Germany, over the previous few more hops grown. Yet with more than 18,000 hectares still the largest producer countries in the world. The best hop is now almost exclusively from the former Eastern bloc around Hungary and the Czech Republic (Bohemia).

In the northwestern states of the United States, particularly in Washington state, much hops. Here are experimenting with new species that produce shorter stems so that the cultivation and harvesting easier and less expensive. Ordinary hop has stems that grow to a height of six to nine meters, the new variants are not higher than two meters.


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