Friday, June 25, 2010

Grape hyacinths is a ??

Grape hyacinth is a (scientific name: Muscari) is also known as blue flower pot, flower is a string of bells, is the hyacinth leaves Section herbs native to Eurasia, flower-intensive growth, Ling pot-shaped, mostly blue, but also white cultivars, flowering in spring, bloom looks like a string of grapes.

Grape hyacinth is native to the Old Mediterranean basin, central and southern Europe, North Africa, Asia, western, central and south-west.

About 40 species, including:

* Muscari adilii
* Muscari apertum
* Musk hyacinth Muscari ambrosiacum
* Armenian grape hyacinth Muscari armeniacum: varieties of cultivated species in the petals, including the "blue nails" ('Blue Spike'), "Fantasy for" ('Fantasy Creation'), single clove varieties, "Cambridge grape hyacinth" ( 'Cantab'), "Christmas Pearl" ('Christmas Pearl'), "Super Star" ('Superstar')
* Muscari atlanticum
* Dark blue string of bells flower Muscari aucheri: many cultivars, including 'Blue Magic' and 'White Magic'
* Sky blue grape hyacinth Muscari azureum: flowers blue, but there are light blue and white cultivars
o white sky blue grape hyacinth Muscari azureum alba
* Muscari babachii
* Grape Hyacinth Muscari botryoides
o white grape hyacinths Muscari botryoides album
* Muscari bourgaei
* Muscari caucasicum
* Muscari commutatum
* Tassel grape hyacinth Muscari comosum
* Muscari dionysicum
* Muscari discolor
* Muscari eburnea
* Muscari gussonei
* Muscari grandifolium
* Muscari inconstrictum
* Gradient grape hyacinth Muscari latifolium: the deep indigo color gradient from base to the tip of the light violet, so named
* Muscari leucostomum
* Muscari longifolium
* Muscari longipes
* Large fruit string of bells flower Muscari macrocarpum: cultivars including "golden fragrant" ('Golden Fragrance')
* Muscari massayanum
* Muscari mcbeathianum
* Muscari microstomum
* Muscari mirum
* Muscari muscarimi (= M. moschatum)
* Blue pot flower Muscari neglectum (= M. racemosum)
* Muscari pallens
* Muscari parviflorum
* Grape hyacinth Muscari paradoxum dense flower
* Muscari pseudomuscari
* Muscari pinardis
* Feather grape hyacinth Muscari plumosum
* Muscari sandrasicum
* Muscari sivrihisardaghlarensis
* Muscari sosnowskyi
* Muscari spreitzenhoferi
* Muscari stenathum
* Muscari szovitsianum
* Muscari tenuiflorum
* Muscari tubergenianum: base dark blue, light blue tip
* Muscari turkewiczii
* Muscari turcicum
* Muscari vuralii
* Muscari weissii

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