Thursday, June 17, 2010

Further of Marrubium vulgare

The Common Horehound is in the Mediterranean region widely and in large parts of North and South America and Australia abducted been. In Central Europe is the way a archaeophyte, the wild from the previously-used medicinal plant cultivation and in warmer regions also naturalized. Such stable occurrence range as far as southern Sweden and into southern Scotland. Earliest archaeological evidence in central Europe are from the Neolithic Age (4000 BC).

The Common horehound comes mostly in Central Europe in the area of villages and settled there, but also in the Mediterranean ruderal and grazing on dry clay and loam soils.

In the herbal literature, the plant is also known as Herba Marrubii found. The plant is known as a medicinal herb since ancient times. Marrubium The name comes from a town in Latium. As early as Pliny points out the effect against snake bites and poison. After Walafried Strabo Andorntee helps against "annoying anxiety. Cultural history and the name Butcher's Broom and white horehound are known, such as the large copper engraving from the garden of Eichstätt by Basil Besler (1561-1629) shows.

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