Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celandine - Description of plants

Russians (rosopas, Lastina grass, lišavica, lišajnica, Zmijin milk, tears lastavičina) or lat. Chelidonium majus is a plant of the family Makova (Papaveraceae).


* Chelidonium hematodes Moench.
* Chelidonium luteum Gilib.
* Chelidonium murals Ren.
* Chelidonium ruderale Salisb.

Description of plants
Perennial herbaceous plant upright tree that is covered with sharp hairs strčećim. The leaves are big, odd plumose share, on the reverse gray and hairy. Lower leaves with a handle, and above without (the sitting). The flowers are yellow, collected on the tips of the trees of the rare thyroid blossom. Krunični sepal and easily fall, and has a large number of stamens. The fruit is elongated capsule. All parts of the plant contain toxic žutonarandžasti juice.

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