Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flowers and Heels

Love is in the air every time Valentine’s Day approaches or Mother’s Day arrives. How do we fill the gap in our hearts if we are all alone in this world, without a lifetime partner or having any sorts of relationship for us to call someone else, our love?

Is that why certain women become materialistic over time? Indulging in designer labels and parading them down the streets and in shopping malls to the envy of others, hoping it will provide some sort of self-gratification and self-satisfaction? Hoping that this self-created feeling will be a substitute for the love she long for? Yet we realise the more we spend, the deeper we immerse ourselves to the breaking point that we question ourselves on the true motivation behind it. Is it worth the while?

The higher the heels, the higher we fall. Similarly, the higher we attain and achieve in life, the more careful we have to be lest the fall will be too great.

What flowers from a florist, will complement a lady who has climbed the success ladder? Select from elegant lilies to romantic roses depicting class and style.

What about a homemaker who has become the head of the household, managing all issues at home? Bright cheery sunflowers to reflect her zest for life which has made her the perfect model for aspiring mothers and wives?

Before you send flowers from a florist, check your intentions and imagine the recipient’s response and with that, remember to carve out the right words from your heart.

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